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Yearly tuition is broken into 3 session payments due in September, December, and March. Classes start September 3!

2019/2020 Info

Class costs are subject to change,

Registration steps

Details are below the pricing table. There is a once per year fee of $25 for individuals and $35 for a family

What is a session?

3 months of class

What is a dance year?:

It is similar to the school year kicking off in September and culminates in the Spring Recital in May. For more info >>>

2019-2020 Costs.png
Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Registration steps

For new students...

1) Fill out the form on this page detailing enough information for us to consider class placement

2) After form is submitted we will reach out to you via e-mail or phone for any clarifications

3) We will send you an email with an explanation about our online registration process as well as several other important pieces of information

Alternatively give us a call or stop in during our regularly scheduled hours (see the calendar page for the times we are here!)

For current students...

1) Please reach out to the studio and we will let you know your recommended placement for the dance year

2) You are welcome to enroll in the class on the online parent portal

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